Hi. I’m Vance and the current President of Colorado Association of the Deaf*.

Let me introduce who’s on the board.

President Vance Youngs

Vice President Jason Gunderson

Secretary Amelia Smith

Treasurer Gary Etkie

Director Swanhilda Lily

Director Amanda Sortwell Crane

Director Bonita Harris

If you think CAD has been quiet, fret not! We are becoming more active on Facebook, social media and distributing more information about our agenda. Keep your eyes on our website and Facebook page.

The board and I have discussed our priority goals for the next year. There will be three areas of focus.

First, we will be actively coordinating our efforts to advocate for change. We want to support you for better quality of life.

Secondly, we are exploring of hosting more events. The purpose of doing this gives us an opportunity to fundraise and allow us to give back to the community in terms of sponsoring our deaf youth to programs and coordinating advocacy efforts for senior citizens.

Thirdly, we want to involve our community when we are planning events. We will need volunteers to contribute to different aspects of community support such as grant writing, innovation and community involvement towards achieving goals for Deaf* Colorado!